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Cleaning Staff

---We offer FREE accommodation for your good work!---

We have many staff members from different countries all around the world. They enjoy their life together at Khaosan Tokyo/Kyoto/Beppu Guest House. Why don't you join the team Khaosan?

[For working holiday visa holders]
It should be reasonable to work as a cleaning staff and get free accommodation until you find a job and apartment in Japan. There are many opportunities in our hostel to meet new people and build up a network of connections, too.

[For tourist visa holders]
Rent and other expenses in Japan would be very high if you stay a long time to know more about Japan. Because there is no way to get a paid job as a tourist, it is important for saving money to get free accommodation in our hostel.

Minimum Length
of Service

28 days
*Priority on long-term workers

Job Content

Cleaning (toilets, showers, vacuuming etc.)
Bed making

Free accommodation
*All rooms are mixed dorm.

Duty Hours

11:00 - 14:00


8 days-off out of 28 days
(2 days-off a week / on request basis)

Work Location
Khaosan Tokyo Guest House
(Original, Annex/Smile, Samurai, Lab, Kabuki and Ninja)
Khaosan Kyoto Guest House
Khaosan Beppu Guest House

How to Apply

Please send an e-mail including required information below to the person in charge.

・Address/Phone number
・Reason for the application
・Self PR
・Terms you wish to work
・Plans in Japan.
・Date you would like to start and how long

[Tokyo] Ms.Kyoko Hamachi:
            Mr.Sho Onishi (Ninja):

[Kyoto] Ms.Yuri Matsumoto:
[Beppu] Mr.Hideyuki Ikeda:

*Please contact us around 40 days prior to your estimated arrival date. It is difficult to offer you a position if it is far too early.

Check our family photos!
We are Khaosan Family, Join us!!

We are looking forward to your application!!